AI - Powered Inventory

The most advanced supply chain efficiency platform, featuring cutting-edge analytics and a natural language interface to enhance business intelligence.


Shape’s engine continuously scans for anomalies in your data, swiftly identifying opportunities and risks, enabling you to take timely, informed actions in your business operations.

Drill down

Discover insights and test hypotheses using Shape’s natural language interface, designed for exploring operational metrics. Simply ask for detailed analyses and engage in an interactive dialogue to drill down into specific business areas for precise, actionable outcomes.

Rapid Onboarding and Integration

Shape’s proprietary semantic layer mapping technology streamlines the onboarding and integration process, reducing setup time from weeks to just hours, bypassing the complex manual configuration typically required by intricate legacy tools.

Calculation Breakdown and Data Integrity

Utilize Shape’s calculation breakdown to meticulously track the exact data sources and methodologies applied in your analyses. This clarity allows you to quickly detect and resolve any data inconsistencies or gaps, facilitating accurate and dependable decision-making.

The Answers You Need,
Where You Need Them

Seamlessly export comprehensive data and analytical insights from Shape into Excel, enabling you to delve into the details where you’re most comfortable.

Data Integration

The accuracy of Shape significantly improves with the integration of additional data. As you input more information, Shape becomes increasingly precise.


Easily connects to all of your existing tools, using SAML SSO.

Multi - Source

Can connect to more than one system from each category for rich results.

Shape integrates with





and more…


Not at all. Shape integrates to your data systems and/or data warehouse with a read-only API access, so no need for any data preparation whatsoever.

Yes. Shape access all of your desired data systems, even if you have multiple systems of the same entity. We map it to our unique semantic layer to allow coherent and complex inquiries and insights.

We realize the pain companies are experiencing with their data systems’ implementation. This is why we had designed Shape to be almost seamless to integrate with 2 simple steps, and you’re good to go:

1. You allow Shape to access relevant data by creating a read-only user and designate where relevant data resides. We will take it from there and use the systems’ API to map the data.
2. We conduct a few hours’ session to align on your main KPIs and your specific way of implementing them.

One of the strengths built-in into Shape is the ability to provide insights that are of interest to you. These insights cover all data accessed by shape, and are based on your role and usage of Shape and are fine-tuned by our AI as you use more.

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