Shape Up Your Bottom Line with Smart Inventory Management

Eliminate Guesswork, Increase Profits

FMCG Inventory management is about daily decisions directly affecting the business’s bottom line. Today, too many decisions are based on guesswork, translating into lost revenue and unnecessary expenditure. Boost margins and cash flow efficiency with Shape.

AI-Powered Decision-Making

Many of today’s tools lack clarity and adaptability in dynamic markets. Shape stands out with its intuitive natural language interface for seamless what-if analyses and contextual proactive alerts, avoiding the pitfalls of rigid, black-box models.

Capture Every Opportunity, Avoid Any Risk

Proactive Optimization Alerts

Shape's engine continuously looks for opportunities and risks, and generates actionable recommendations, enabling you to optimize stocks and cashflow proactively.

Informed Decisions, Higher Profits

Avoid costly mistakes by getting immediate, data-based answers to your questions, helping you make informed decisions. Explore details, make inquiries, and test hypotheses to optimize outcomes.

Rapid Onboarding and Integration

Accelerate setup from months to weeks, eliminating the need for complex manual configuration and expensive integrators with Shape's semantic layer mapping technology.

Results You Can Trust

Every result and recommendation comes with a clear description of the reasoning process and calculation behind it and a map of all relevant data sources.

Data security is our top priority

Data security is our top priority

Here’s how
achieve it.

Shape protects customer data with encryption, regular security tests, and GCP’s advanced security, maintaining SOC 2 Type II certification for top-notch security standards.

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