Immediate Insights at Your Command

Navigating through complex systems for essential data can lead to costly hold-ups. Get immediate access to key financial insights, the data you need is just a question away.
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Seamlessly connects to your tools,
out of the box

Shape allows for natural language interaction that enhances your productivity by enabling intuitive engagement with data.

Critical Results in Seconds,
Not Days

Unleash Your Data’s Potential, On Your Own

Discover the hidden stories in your data independently. Our self-service model enhances productivity, freeing you from reliance on analytics and BI teams.

The Answers You Need, Where You Need Them

Seamlessly export comprehensive data and analytical insights from Shape into Excel, enabling you to delve into the details where you’re most comfortable.

Accuracy Backed by Evidence

Shape not only delivers top-tier accuracy but also provides the data to back each answer, letting you dig as dip as you like.

Zero Training

Empower your team from Day One. No training or ramp-up period is required, enabling everyone to operate at an expert level immediately.

Your Clear Path to Insight

You’re an expert, but technical barriers can complicate your work and lead to reliance on analysts. Shape equips you for a smooth, self-sufficient engagement with your data.

Hi, I’m Alice

Alice has a question
Alice Anderson
What has been our monthly revenue for the six months leading up to December?

Alice goes straight to her private analyst: Shape

Now this is where the magic happens

Shape’s engine uses advanced proprietary methods to process user requests with cutting-edge accuracy, while safely interacting with your data and tools.

Precise Data

Shape turns each question into a rigidly structured query that retrieves accurate information from the data source, and eliminates irrelevant data using robust validation.

Security and Access Control

Shape protects your internal APIs and databases, enforces the right access controls for multi-tenant databases, and makes sure that each user’s data remains secure and isolated.

Clear and thorough Responses

Receive comprehensive responses in your domain’s terminology.

Alice gets a crystal-clear
answer to her question

Alice gets a crystal-clear
answer to her question

Here’s a graph displaying the monthly revenue from June to November 2023 (in USD). How may I further assist you?
Calculation Breakdown

Your KPIs, at your fingertips

Harness the power of self-served analytics to keep track of what matters most.

Our data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and direct your organization in the right direction.

GenAI can be

GenAI can be unpredictable

Here’s how
solving it

With our engine’s specialized robust validation algorithms, we’ve condensed the advantages of generative AI into a risk-free experience. Our system ensures the safety of every output, delivering the power of AI with guaranteed reliability.

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